Monday, June 12, 2006

Italy vs Ghana

The World Cup is a great opportunity to think about the global issues; and it's easier to get into the issues and remember what's going on and remember facts about countries if you can hang it off the matches. That's just good education strategy.

Take the Italy vs Ghana game: the WDM website reminds us just how AWFUL it is that Berlusconi has been in charge there. He's done an incredible thing: made his utterly corrupt behavious seem totally normal by using media tactics. It's a great example of how the actual punishment for a crime can outweighed by the benefits you get from carrying it out. He's had all sorts of fines on his companies for lies and corruptions, but it doesn't matter to him since he benefits more from the media coverage he got from making the lies in the first place. So cheer for Ghana. That's justice. Sorry, Italian friends. ON the other hand, maybe we should cheer for the Italy that has just ousted Berlusconi. Hmmm- tricky one.


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